Should you moisten the razor before shaving?

Water plays an essential role in shaving. One(s) needs it already during the shaving preparation, where the power of warm water is used, so that the razor can then glide smoothly over the skin and no irritation occurs. In addition, with the help of water, the foam residues are also removed from the face. But what about the razor itself? Should this also be moistened before shaving? In the following we want to pursue this question, in order to point out, which advantages the moistening of the razor could have.

Should you moisten the razor before shaving?
Moistening a razor or system razor is part of many men’s morning ritual. But is wetting the blades really necessary?

Shaving with a razor – a science of its own?

Many men nowadays reach for an electric razor or a wet razor. However, those who value a very close shave should consider a razor shave, but the razor is just experiencing its renaissance again. For a long time, razors were used exclusively by professional barbers and the handling represented almost a kind of art. And indeed, shaving with a straight razor is a very special way to take care of yourself, because it takes time and quiet. At first, this may scare off one or the other at the beginning, but nevertheless, a razor shave is worth it, as it is extremely thorough and a great way to “fine-tune” your beard.

What’s in favor of wetting your razor

Whether skilled or still a beginner, it might be advisable to wet the razor before shaving to warm up the cold metal. Surely you have felt cold metal on your skin and know that this is not a very pleasant feeling. So, since the razor is in direct contact with your skin, a comfortable temperature during the shaving process is definitely desirable. In addition, a wet razor can also glide better over the skin and you will then probably be more satisfied with the result of your shave than if you perform the shave with a dry knife.

Important tips for wet shaving

But never leave the razor in a wet state, dry it well after shaving. You should always clean a razor under running water and then gently pat it dry. Also, avoid rubbing it, otherwise you might damage it. In addition, it is recommended that you do not store your straight razor in the shower, as it may start to rust. Instead, invest in a high-quality storage case that can protect your razor accordingly.

The wet shave: a ritual for a perfect feeling

Shaving with a (moistened) straight razor can be an extremely cultivated ritual, almost meditative in nature, and with the right technique and a little practice, can lead to a perfect result

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