With six simple tips for the perfect shave

You’ve been shaving for years. But with these six tips, you’ll start shaving even closer, smoother and, most importantly, without skin irritation. Promise!

Like most adolescents, tots get their first tips from their father on how best to shave. The father is not necessarily wrong with his tips. But it doesn’t hurt to put his shaving habits to the test now and then. The selection of razors, gels, creams and aftershave has expanded significantly in recent years. Perhaps here lies the key to an even better shave?

six simple tips for the perfect shave
Does a man still need advice on how best to shave? It doesn’t hurt to put your shaving habits to the test every now and then and try out new techniques.

1. schedule: The regularity

As long as you keep your skin adequately moisturized, it’s okay to wet shave every day. Especially since the razor blade exfoliates the dead skin cells with every shave, which actually makes the facial skin look fresher. If your skin is irritated, turns red and burns, it won’t hurt to put the razor aside for a day or two.

2. the blade

Daniel Craig in his parade role as James Bond shows us how: Whole men shave with a straight razor. But in practice, we men certainly choose a razor with angled blade. Because an angled blade makes it easier to capture all the curves of the face. Controversial in the men’s world is to what extent a multi-blade razor shaves more accurately and better. It is indisputable that in the hectic everyday life the multi-blade razor is safer and prevents cuts.
There is also nothing at all against using two different blades. During the week, the quick shave using multi-blade razor. On weekends, when you have more time in the bathroom, the razor may well be used.

3. the right preparation

A good shaving cream or gel is the basis to a smooth shave. Do not use products that contain alcohol. These dry out the skin. Instead, use products with moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin. Chamomile and Aloe. These ingredients are natural anti-inflammatories that soothe and hydrate the skin. It’s also worth trying earthy products that contain marshmallow, green tea, calendula or evening primrose extracts. These ingredients help soothe minor cuts and reduce razor burn, irritation and itching.

Choosing the right product for your skin type is critical to your well-being. It applies:

  • Men with sensitive or dry skin should rather use shaving gels, which usually provide more moisture than creams.
  • Men with oily skin should choose to creams. The richer foam protects the skin and allows the razor blade to get closer and more thoroughly.
  • Men with normal skin are very well served with gels or creams. When choosing, pay attention to the moisturizing ingredients.

4. the technique

The old adage of shaving after a hot shower still holds true today. The water from the shower softens the hair and the hot steam opens the pores. Both provide a smoother shave overall.

Use hot water if possible to lather your cream or gel. Move the razor in the direction of the hair growth with long and even strokes. For an extra close shave, lather your face again afterward and shave gently against the grain. Go slowly and evenly to avoid cuts.

5. the aftershave

After shaving, be sure to use a moisturizing aftershave or cream. To avoid redness and skin irritation, use a product that contains aloe. To keep the moisture in the skin, apply the cream or aftershave when the skin is still damp.

If you suffer from constant skin irritation, you can try using an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to fight the inflammation. Although hydrocortisone creams are considered safe, you should only use the cream when needed and not permanently. Appropriate advice is available at your pharmacy.

6. the cleaning

With each shave, the blades of your razor become duller. In addition, more bacteria and fungi nest day by day. This is not only unsightly, but can also lead to skin infection if you accidentally cut yourself and these bacteria enter the wound.
Therefore, replace disposable razor blades every week if possible. Depending on the frequency of use, you can also delay the replacement further. But then further cleaning measures are necessary. In addition to careful cleaning under running water, it is also possible to disinfect the blades using a spray of alcohol. If hair or dirt sticks between the blades, replace the blades in any case (risk of injury!).

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