How to shave properly!

In today’s casual age, being clean-shaven seems to be a lost art. Men with beards or permanent stubble are part of the daily appearance. Bald-shaven men are now almost the exception. But even a stubble beard wants to be groomed!

On an important day, an important event or just when you just want to feel extra clean, for many men there is no substitute for a close shave. And no, I’m not talking about the result of a shave that you can achieve with an electric razor.

For all those men who need a refresher or those who are shaving for the very first time, I have put together this step-by-step guide. The goal is to avoid cuts or razor burn and achieve a super close and smooth result every time after shaving.

How to shave correctly
How to shave correctly

1. first wash the face

Before shaving, wash your face with warm water if possible. You are welcome to use a gentle cleanser to remove excess grease and dirt. Both will prevent you from having a smooth shave. Use warm water if possible, as this will open your pores.

2. smooth your skin often before shaving

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells. If you perform the skin-smoothing action of the scrub before shaving, the scrub prevents the razor blade from being clogged with scraped skin cells. You get a smoother and closer shave.

3. use an oil before shaving

An oil before shaving creates a protective layer on the skin, which facilitates the sliding of the razor over the skin. This layer also helps to soften the whiskers and nourish the skin. Try it!

4. apply shaving cream in an upward motion.

Apply your shaving cream in an upward motion to move the hairs up and away from the skin. This will result in a smoother and more precise shave overall. The type of shaving cream or oil you use is up to you. Try both and use what suits you best.

5. always shave with a clean and sharp razor.

When shaving, make sure that you guide the razor in the same way that your beard hair moves. That is, you shave in the direction that you can gently run your hand over your beard, rather than the friction and resistance.

Thoroughly rinse the blade with warm water between pulls. Do not squeeze too hard. It is much better and gentler to soap up and shave a second time if necessary than to squeeze so hard. You will be gentler on your skin that way.

6. rinse with cold water

After shaving, be sure to rinse the face with cold water. The helps to close the pores of the skin and makes the skin less susceptible to bacteria.

7. apply aftershave or cream

Be sure to apply an aftershave or moisturizer to the skin irritated by shaving immediately afterwards. Do not rub the skin completely dry beforehand. The skin needs moisture. Aftershaves or creams prevent redness and irritation. In any case, avoid anything that dries out the skin. Do you still have an old alcohol-based aftershave from the past? Throw it in the trash! Alcohol-containing care products dry out the skin.

8. take good care of your razor!

A mistake often made is the lack of razor hygiene. To keep the razor sharp as long as possible, rinse the blade clean with hot water and store it upright in a cool, dry place until the next shave. If the razor is left unclean in a damp bathroom, fungi and bacteria will multiply between the blades.

Replace the knife regularly. There is no exact time rule, as this depends on too many individual factors and circumstances. The rule of thumb for a daily shave is to change the blades every week. Important: You need sharp and clean blades for every shave.

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