How often should men shave?

Shaving your face is a ritual that is part of the morning routine for many men. But is a daily shave really necessary, or is it enough to trim your beard every two or three days?

How often a facial shave should be performed basically depends on several factors. First, of course, the face is the first business card and hardly anyone is likely to find it particularly attractive to meet a Yeti or a Struwwelpeter. Of course, body hair is always a matter of taste, but a beard should look well-groomed in any case.

How often should men shave?
How often a man should shave depends on different factors, but also on his own preferences. Some men treat themselves to a wet shave only once a week. Mostly, shaving in the morning is the best way to be neatly shaved throughout the day.

Wet shaving for sensitive, dry skin

Another factor that plays a not insignificant role in beard care is skin health. Are you more of a type whose skin is very sensitive? Then a wet shave is just right for you. With a wet razor, the blades can adapt very well and the beard hair is cut close to the surface of the skin, so that a daily shave is usually not necessary. In addition, shaving creams or soaps usually contain special ingredients such as beeswax, which have a nourishing effect and are ideal for sensitive skin.

Also, keep in mind that regular shaving can possibly lead to redness, skin irritation or dry skin. Therefore, it is best to shave only as regularly as is absolutely necessary, and also invest in a high-quality skin care product that can be applied to the skin after shaving.

Shaved or fluffy fur?

Should you prefer a clean-shaven look, you will probably have to shave every day. Of course, everyone’s beard growth varies, but if you shave in the evening, a shadow of beard is usually already visible the next day. Sometimes a daily shave is also required for professional reasons, as there are companies that are rather conservative in terms of beard splendor.

Also, the scraggly three-day beard has long since polished up its image and many women even find it very attractive. As the name suggests, it is shaved only about every three days, which has the advantage that the skin is exposed to less stress. In fact, each time you shave, the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin is somewhat eroded, so micro-injuries occur more frequently.

There are, however, of course also men who allow themselves a shave only once a week. However, this is not necessarily recommended. Who still wants to maintain his stubble look, should then at least take care of the contours on the neck and cheek.

And what about full beard wearers? This beard growth also needs appropriate care at regular intervals if it is not to degenerate into a wild growth.

This is how often men should shave

So how often a man shaves depends very much on his own preferences. Some prefer a smooth face, others the full beard variant or a three-day beard. Basically, you should feel comfortable with his beard favorite above all and of course this should look well-groomed. In addition, beard care is also always a question of hygiene, because dirt and sweat accumulate in beard hair, which on the one hand is not nice and on the other hand is not exactly healthy.

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