Ladies shave

Ladies shave

Women have different needs

The perfect shave for women

What shaves woman? Body hair grows under the armpits, on the legs, in the intimate area and sometimes on the face as a lady beard. For each area there is the right razor ladies and the right tactics for smooth, soft skin after shaving: the legs are shaved from the ankle up. The body hair on the forearms shave best in the direction in which the hair grows.

How to shave women better

Hairless bodies look more attractive and body odor cannot settle in the hair. Ladies shave their armpits, legs or intimate area to meet the popular ideal of beauty or simply to feel good. However, smooth skin after shaving, especially in the bikini area, you get only with the right preparation, a sharp razor blade and the right technique when shaving.

Shaving razor for women

You will not believe it, but with a special razor for women, also called razor intimate area, you will not only achieve better results when shaving, but also skin impurities and redness will occur less. How can this be? Below you will find the main features and characteristics of best razors women.