The perfect shave for woman

Modern women shave at least as often as men, because a body without body hair is considered chic, feminine and attractive. The trend towards female shaving comes from America, where the first razor for women was produced in 1915. The beauty ideal spilled over into Europe and so today it is not surprising that most women shave.

Women: The optimal shave

What shaves the woman? Body hair grows under the armpits, on the legs, in the genital area and sometimes on the face as a lady’s beard. For each area there is the right ladies razor and the right tactics for smooth, soft skin after shaving: the legs are shaved from the ankle upwards. The body hair on the forearms is best shaved in the direction in which the hair grows. For intimate shaving is done first with the stroke and then again for a more thorough shave against the stroke. All body hair must be well moistened before shaving. The hairs swell and become softer, making them easier to shave off. That is why many women shave in the bath or shower or under running water.

Woman shaving her legs
The classic area of women’s shaving are the legs and armpits. But today intimate shaving is also part of the daily or weekly ritual of many women.

How ladies shave properly

How often should women shave? There is no schedule for this. The frequency depends on how quickly the hair grows back and how high the tolerance to stubble is. For smooth skin, women shave every two to three days. You can wait up to a week if you just trim the intimate area instead of shaving. In case of skin irritation, razor burn or wounds, wait until everything has healed well before shaving again. It is recommended to exfoliate the skin before shaving. Dead skin scales are loosened with the peeling and the razor glides more easily. For gentle exfoliation on sensitive skin, simply use a sponge. After exfoliation, apply shaving gel, shaving foam or shaving oil. The products form a protective film on the skin and prevent moisture loss during shaving. Always use sharp razor blades to avoid cuts and razor burn. After shaving, apply a moisturizer without alcohol to care, to soothe the skin and provide further moisture.

How often should I change the razor blade?

For daily shaving, the razor blades should be changed at least every one to two weeks. When shaving every two days, it is recommended to change every two to three weeks. When shaving twice a week, it is sufficient to change the razor blade every four to six weeks. The lifetime of a razor blade can be extended if:

  • Residues of shaving soap, hair and dander after shaving should be thoroughly rinsed off
  • Allow the razor blades to air dry after shaving.

Intimate shaving for women: How to shave successfully

Trimming, trimming, shaving smooth: All this is possible in the intimate area. Permitted is what pleases. However, the intimate area of the woman including the buttocks is particularly sensitive when shaving, so that shaving pimples and redness after shaving are not uncommon. Therefore, it is important to properly prepare the intimate area for shaving and not to use blunt blades.

Shaving intimate area – the tutorial

If you shave the intimate area for the first time or after a long time, it is recommended to shorten the hair with a trimmer first, so that the razor does not clog when shaving the intimate area. Prepare the skin for shaving with warm water and then apply a pre-shave product such as shaving foam, shaving gel or shaving soap, which already have a caring effect during shaving. After the prescribed exposure time it goes to the intimate hair by wet shaving now with the razor or a system razor to the collar. For the shave you tighten the skin and shave off the hair without great pressure in the direction of growth. After the intimate shave, take a cold shower so that the pores contract again.

ladies razor with three blades
Good results can also be achieved in the intimate area with a normal wet razor.

What care after shaving the intimate area?

Apply an aftershave lotion for the intimate area after shaving, a care cream or a care spray. You can find in stores care products specially designed for this area of the body, which help to avoid skin irritation and pimples. Irritation after shaving can be caused by UV radiation, chlorine or salt water.

Shaving intimate area – the optimal care for women

Treat skin irritations after shaving

After shaving in the genital area woman often comes pimples, itching and irritation.

Itching in the intimate area of the woman

If the intimate area or the bikini line is red and itchy after shaving, this is called razor burn. Cooling with cold compresses or water helps here. Applying curd thinly to the affected areas is an old household remedy for itching.

Pimples in the intimate area of women

Dust or dab the shaving pimples with powder or with a wound ointment. It is important to include zinc oxide, which exerts an anti-inflammatory effect. Witch hazel and panthenol are also said to have skin-soothing effects. Wear underwear made of cotton, which does not rub against the inflamed areas. Most of the time, the skin will calm down quickly. If you shave your intimate area in the evening, the skin has time to regenerate overnight without the clothes rubbing or the body sweating. Never lend your razor and disinfect the razor blade before shaving.

ladies razor sustainable
For a simple shave, a disposable razor (in the foreground) is sufficient, which is also available in matching colors for ladies. But also razors with replaceable blades are offered especially for women. In the background, a reusable razor with a wooden handle made of fast-growing bamboo.

Chic with pattern: intimate shaving

Not clean-shaven, but with pattern, the intimate area is made pretty. Every year there are new pattern proposals for the bikini area.

What patterns are there?
Simple and pretty, the bikini area looks when a classic triangle is trimmed. Those who have more experience can try a small square, called “postage stamp”. Wider than the well-known “landing strip is the “mohawk”. An upside down triangle is interpreted as a “bubbly glass”. Those who dare try a heart cut. The tip ends at the bottom. Two curves point upwards. A shaving template you need for the butterfly, the star or the initials of the beloved, so that the intimate shave succeeds.

Shaving razor for women

The word “razor” sounds pretty rough for the delicate sex. Nevertheless, a razor plane is equally suitable for women as for men. In principle, women can use any razor for men. However, razors for women can be lighter in weight and have a decorative color. Because women’s hair is finer, a razor with a closed comb is also recommended. The razor blade is different from a razor with open comb not directly on the skin and is therefore gentler to the skin. However, the shave is just as close as with an open comb razor. In terms of handling, a razor plane with medium handle length has prevailed among women.

With which Pe-Shave product succeeds the intimate shaving for women best?

  • Shaving foam is suitable for a quick shave. By briefly shaking the ingredients are mixed and taken out of the spray can on pressure. Mixing as with shaving soap is not necessary. Shaving foam from the can allows easy dosing and removal and also contains nourishing ingredients.
  • Shaving oil is the optimal accessory for shaving sensitive skin. It forms a protective film on the skin and through various ingredients it cares for the skin. Conceivable ingredients are jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil and it can smell fresh, tart or floral. Shaving oil is able to prevent skin irritation and razor burn due to its oily consistency.
  • Shaving gel is suitable for clean shaving contours in the intimate area, for example. The gel is lathered manually. To do this, moisten the skin and then apply the shaving gel. Foam from shaving gel is more durable than foam from shaving cream from a can and also provides a cooling effect on the skin.