Shaving accessories


Do I need a shaving bowl?

Whoever shaves wet and uses shaving soap for this purpose cannot do without a shaving bowl. According to old tradition, the shaving foam is then whipped evenly in the shaving bowl. However, you shave more stylish with a beautiful shaving bowl made of ceramic, porcelain or wood. Self-whipped shaving foam from the shaving bowl is creamier than shaving foam from a can.

Shaving foam – an all-rounder

Wet shaving without shaving foam is unthinkable, because shaving foam improves the gliding properties of the razor blade, so that the skin is less irritated during shaving. Shaving foam contains care substances that moisturize the skin, because every shave is like a small peeling on the face.

Finding the best shaving brush

Find the right shaving brush, that is an art. While many swear by a shaving brush made of badger hair, there are also shaving brushes made of synthetic hair, real hair or shaving brushes with pig bristle. Even vegan shaving brushes are offered. Each shaving brush has its advantages.