Each day is a challenge. And wants to be conquered anew. Make it your day. No matter if you work with your hands. In the home office. On the way to a meeting or chilling in your free time: Your style is nothing without you, but without it you look like nothing.

Your style: roots!

That’s why take care of your appearance. Care for your beard. Make an impression wherever you go. Because you have exactly one chance to make a first impression. And that’s exactly what we want to support you with: for a perfect first impression, we give our best every day.

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Straight razor for men

The classic wet shave with a razor is in vogue, because shaving with a knife has some advantages over shaving with a wet razor. Men with sensitive skin benefit from the gentle and close shave with the razor. You do not need electricity to shave and by re-sharpening the razor or interchangeable blades can save quite a bit of money over time.

Shaving with the razor plane

Many men and women get along with a straight razor right from the first shave. Others cut themselves and it is quite a slaughter. Negative experiences may be related to the wrong shaving technique or preparation. Beginners should think carefully about which razor they buy before shaving with it.

Beard trimming made easy

If you want to grow a beard, you have to take care of it so that it looks good. The most important accessory is a beard trimmer. Highly popular are trimmers with different attachments for different cutting lengths, which can also be used without an attachment for the contours of the neck and cheeks. Those who dare, can also draw the contours with a wet razor or the razor.

Use shaving oil correctly

Besides shaving foam, shaving gel and shaving soap, shaving oil is another product to prepare the hair for shaving. But why use shaving oil? What are the advantages of shaving oil, which has experienced an upswing for a few years, compared to the other products for wet shaving?

What makes the best wet razor?

The features of the best wet razors are different. As a rule, they have a razor head with two to six blades. Only the razor and the disposable razor get by with one blade, although there are disposable razors with several blades. We show which is the best wet razor.

Find the best shaving brush

Find the right shaving brush, that is an art. While many swear by a shaving brush made of badger hair, there are also shaving brushes made of synthetic hair, real hair or shaving brushes with pig bristle. Even vegan shaving brushes are offered. Each shaving brush has its advantages.