Wet shave


What makes the best wet shaver?

The equipment of good wet razors are different. As a rule, they have a razor head with two to six blades. Only the razor and the disposable razor get by with one blade, although there are disposable razors with several blades. Wet razors are also called system razors. We show which wet razors are available.

Shaving foam – an all-rounder

Wet shaving without shaving foam is unthinkable, because shaving foam improves the gliding properties of the razor blade, so that the skin is less irritated during shaving. Shaving foam contains care substances that moisturize the skin, because every shave is like a small peeling on the face.

Shaving oil
use correctly

Besides shaving foam, shaving gel and shaving soap, shaving oil is another product to prepare the hair for shaving. But why use shaving oil? What are the advantages of shaving oil, which has been experiencing an upswing for several years, compared to the other products for wet shaving?

Shaving gel for wet shave

Unlike shaving foam, the gel is not ready for use after removal. It must first be finished foaming between the palms or with a nice shaving brush. Only then can it be lightly massaged into the skin. Shaving gel adheres better to the skin compared with shaving foam and is more economical in consumption than the foam from the can.

Find the best shaving soap

If you want to make shaving a ritual, you can use shaving soap instead of shaving cream. Unlike shaving cream, shaving soap has a creamy consistency. For this, the shaving soap must be lathered with water and a shaving brush. Due to the stable shaving foam, even finer beard hairs are particularly well prepared for shaving.

Beard trimming made easy

If you want to have a beard, you have to take care of it, so that the full beard, moustache or 3-day beard also looks good. The most important accessory is a beard trimmer. Highly popular are trimmers with different attachments for different cutting lengths, which can also be used without an attachment for the contours of the neck and cheeks. Those who dare can also draw the contours with a wet razor or the razor.