Shaving gel for wet shave

Transparent shaving gel or shaving gel in blue color is a common alternative to shaving foam from the can. Shaving gel prepares the skin through its longer exposure time more optimal for shaving than shaving foam.

Shaving gel, like shaving foam, has several tasks: It softens the hair, ensures that the hair straightens for the shave and increases the glide of the razor blade through a thin film.

Shaving gel: the use

Unlike shaving foam, the gel from the tube or pump dispenser is not immediately ready for use after removal. It must first be lathered between the palms or with a nice shaving brush ready. Then it can be lightly massaged into the skin. For once wet shave beard is enough a pea-sized amount of shaving gel.

Shaving gel adheres better to the skin than shaving foam in comparison and in the test shaving gel is significantly more economical in consumption than the foam from the can. Shaving gel for sensitive skin does without:

  • Silicone
  • Mineral oils
  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Aluminium
  • Microplastic
  • Palm oil
  • artificial fragrances
Shaving gel is available in color as well as transparent

Advantages and disadvantages of shaving gel

Shaving gel is currently considered fashionable again. The foam of shaving gel is more durable than the foam of shaving cream. Therefore, there is more time for the actual shave. Many men also simply change between each shave or when buying new again and again.

Shaving gel is much more productive than the same amount of shaving foam. Therefore, the slightly more expensive price of shaving gel amortized within a short time. For travel, just the small packages of shaving gel are well suited, because the small tubes or bottles last much longer than the same amount of foam. With transparent shaving gel even the contours of the beard remain visible, which can be advantageous for partial shaves.

Real disadvantages shaving gel has not. Only the own sensation can give foam preference over the money. On the skin, shaving gel feels heavier than shaving foam.

Shaving gel as a natural cosmetic

Organic shaving gel should be completely without chemical additives. You can find shaving gel in natural cosmetics as aloe vera shaving gel at Alverde with the additional ingredient chamomile, which soothes the skin after shaving. Most organic products, however, can be found in the shaving soap category, since the gel formation in shaving gel relies on chemical stabilizers. Nevertheless, there are vegan shaving gel developed without animal testing and without or with only a small percentage of allergenic nickel for sensitive skin.

Shaving gel for women’s intimate area

The classic shave in the intimate area of women is a common way to combat unwanted hair growth. Normal shaving foam is usually unsuitable for the intimate area in women, as it is usually mixed with fragrances. Therefore, women use intimate shaving gel or intimate washing lotion specially designed for this purpose. Because the skin in the intimate area is very sensitive and borders directly on the vagina, intimate shaving gel for women contains caring and soothing ingredients, lactic acid bacteria or is pH neutral to counteract skin irritation. Shaving gel for intimate area softens the hair and leaves a film on the skin on which the razor blade glides more easily.

For intimate shaving, use a razor with a movable head. You do not need a razor with five blades. Three blades and a small shaving head are quite sufficient. Trim the long hairs before shaving. In the second step, shave the hair in the direction of growth.

To complete the shave really thoroughly, then shave the intimate region again against the direction of growth. After shaving, care is necessary. Baby oil is suitable as well as a baby powder or a wound cream. When caring for your skin, look for a natural product with no or only a few chemical ingredients. Do not use alcohol additives that dry out the skin and look for shaving gel without perfume.

Shaving gel for men intimate area

Because the skin of the male intimate region is not as sensitive as in women, men usually do not need a special shaving gel for intimate shaving. Men can use the shaving gel for the face or shaving gel for the body also in the intimate area. Shaving foam is not suitable.
If your shaving gel burns your skin, use one with less or even better, no perfume at all. For a smooth skin feeling you must shave at least twice a week in the intimate area. Do not wear tight-fitting clothes for 24 hours after shaving, because after shaving the skin is still very sensitive.

The universal shave gel

More and more men use universal shaving gel, which is made without perfume or irritating ingredients. In addition to the classic wet shave on the face, it is also suitable for the chest or for the intimate area.
Shaving gel for women can be used not only for the intimate area, but also for legs, armpits and face. Shaving gel without fragrance for sensitive skin can also be used universally.

In the test: shaving gel

What is a good shaving gel or the best shaving gel for wet shaving? Ökotest has already put shaving gel and shaving foam under the microscope in 2020. Two shaving gels and four shaving foams received top marks. One shaving gel and one shaving foam failed the shaving gel test due to the questionable fragrance Lilial, which impairs reproductive ability in animal experiments. In addition, some products contained artificial musk fragrance, which accumulates in human fatty tissue and everywhere in the environment. Five gels and one shaving foam were found to contain synthetic polymers, the effects of which have not yet been adequately researched.

Harmless and without PEG is organic shaving gel, which is available with moisturizer as aloe vera shaving gel. The best shaving gel contains glycerin, soothing chamomile, vitamins and minerals. When buying shaving gel, look for a good conditioning effect and skin-soothing properties. If desired, you can also find a vegan shaving gel without animal ingredients.

Is there shaving gel without foam?
Yes, for example, from Barber Tools, Bandidos Shavin or from Australia Body Care. The advantage: Without foam, the blades remain sharp longer without having to be rinsed off and also contours remain visible.

Shaving gel: possible replacement

  • Conditioner
  • Body-Lotion
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • liquid honey

Shampoo and shower gel are not suitable as a substitute for shaving gel. They clog the blades of the razor and can irritate the skin.

Body shave gel for men

For underarm, chest, pubic hair, groin, back and legs men use a body shaving gel. It best protects the skin during shaving. Body shaving gel is applied directly in the shower after trimming long hairs that are over 1 cm in length. The body shaving gel softens the hair and improves the glide of the razor blade, so that the shave is more successful. Especially well succeeds the wet shave with a special body razor, such as the Gilette Body. The distance between the blades in a body razor is larger, so that the hair can be removed train by train.