Shaving with the razor plane

An alternative to the wet razor with multiple blades is a razor plane. The razor plane has only one razor blade and is therefore cheaper than a multi-blade razor. It is also the forerunner of today’s wet razor. Before shaving with the razor plane, men shaved exclusively with the razor.

Razor plane: the comparison

Should I use a razor with multiple blades or a razor plane? The razor plane is able to draw particularly precise contours on the neck and cheeks. This is not possible with a razor with multiple blades. You only need one razor blade for the razor plane, which is available very inexpensively. In the razor comparison, a razor plane is the better alternative to a disposable razor with one blade.

razor plane
Compared with disposable razors, a razor plane is in any case the better alternative. It is inexpensive and with a little practice also safe to use.

Razor plane open or closed?

When choosing the right razor plane is the length and thickness of the hair to be shaved.

Razor plane with closed comb

The shaving plane with closed comb is suitable for beginners in wet shaving. It does not have a comb, but rather a bar that lies in front of the razor blade. In technical jargon, the distance is called the soap or blade gap. The smaller distance between the blade and the bar makes the razor suitable for sensitive skin, low beard growth and for daily use. The shave is gentle and the risk of injury is low.

razor plane with closed comb
A razor with a closed comb has a smaller distance between the blade and the handle and is suitable for low beard growth and sensitive skin.

Razor plane with open comb

With a shaving plane with open comb, the risk of injury is greater. It is not suitable for beginners. The razor blade rests on the curved comb in an open comb razor. The blade gap is larger and the shave feels less smooth. A razor with open comb shaves off more hair more thoroughly and with one stroke than a razor with closed comb. Advantage: Separated stubble and shaving foam can not clog the comb due to the larger blade gap. The change from a razor with closed comb to a razor with open edges is recommended when shaving with a razor with closed comb no satisfactory results are achieved. A razor with open comb is particularly suitable for dense and strong beard growth. Due to the greater tolerance between the comb and blade, thicker and longer beard hairs are well captured.

razor plane with closed comb
The open comb razor has a larger gap between the razor blade and the comb. Separated stubble and shaving foam can not clog the comb due to the larger blade gap.

Razor plane with adjustable blade gap

For the three-day beard and for shaving body hair is suitable for men a razor plane, where the blade gap is adjusted as needed: the razor plane with adjustable blade gap. The wet razor is suitable as a razor plane for women when different hair thicknesses are to be shaved off. The blade gap is adjustable via a twist mechanism on the handle.

The toning plane

The Tonsion plane strengthens the tension of the razor blade as a razor plane. Comb and cover are twisted against each other. The angle of attack is more aggressive than the already presented razor planes. That is why the Tonsion plane is also called a bevel plane. It is suitable for firm stubble and strong beard growth, but not for beginners. The blades are finer and the angled cut is very suitable for shaving contours and dimples.

razor plane with open and closed comb detail
Clearly seen: Left the razor with closed comb, right the razor with open comb. The distance between the razor blade and comb makes the difference. Due to the larger gap, the razor plane does not clog as quickly and is suitable for longer and stronger beard growth.

Shaving razor for travel

Razor blades are not allowed in carry-on luggage on airplanes, only in the suitcase that is checked. Shaving soap and post-shave care products are limited to 100 ml and must be placed in transparent containers. You are allowed to carry a razor without a blade in your carry-on luggage. Pack the razor in a leather travel case or cosmetic bag where it is well protected. If you fear the loss of your expensive razor, you should switch to disposable razors, which you can safely buy locally.

Shaving razor for women

Women can use the same razor as men. Nevertheless, as with wet razors, there are color differences in rosé or gold or sustainable razor made of wood. They shave the legs and with practice the armpits or intimate area. In the intimate area it is especially important to pull the skin tight so that the razor in the intimate area does not hurt the skin. Women are best to use a razor with closed comb, because the body hair of women are softer than beard hair and not so densely grown that a razor with open comb would be necessary.

There are other distinguishing features for the purchase?

The weight plays an essential role. A high dead weight ensures in interaction with gravity that the razor is better guided. A low weight makes the razor more mobile, for example, for poorly visible areas. In a razor with screw cap, the razor blade is screwed tight. With a butterfly closure, the attitude of the blade can be opened to two sides for removal. The razor blade is fixed by folding the two wings together.

Maintain the razor

After each shave, the razor should be cleaned under running water to remove stubble and soap residue. Stubborn dirt can be removed with shampoo and a soft brush. After that, the razor is dried carefully, but without touching the blades. Experts recommend leaving the blade to rest for 24 hours after a shave so that the blade burr can straighten up again. This prolongs the life of the razor blade. Classic razor blades are suitable for any razor.

How often to change the blade?

If the razor glides worse, it is time to replace the blade. This may be necessary every 14 days, depending on how often you shave. If one side of the razor blade has become dull, turn the razor blade over and shave with the other side of the razor blade.

razor plane disassembled
A razor consists of four parts. The blade made of metal can be replaced at any time. Besides the razor, this type of shaving produces the least waste.

Shaving with a razor plane – the instructions

Each razor consists of a head in which the razor blade is clamped and a style. The razor head is not movable. First open the razor head and insert the razor blade in the recesses provided. Now lather the beard or body hair vigorously with shaving cream. Tighten the skin and find the right angle to shave before you apply the razor. A razor with closed and open comb glides best at an angle of 30 degrees. Use the razor without pressure. The dead weight of the razor is quite sufficient. Glide the razor slowly over the lathered area and do not forget to tighten skin folds so that you do not cut yourself. After shaving, rinse off the remains of the shaving foam with water and pat the skin dry. After shaving, care for the skin with a lotion or cream.

Straight razor: my experience

Many men and women get along with a straight razor right from the first shave. Others cut themselves and it is quite a slaughter. Negative experiences may be related to the wrong shaving technique or preparation. Beginners should use a safe razor with a closed comb.

In the razor test, razors made of stainless steel and metal are in front, which fit well in the hand and have a high quality of workmanship. Their weight is between 77 and 130 grams. A higher weight is not disturbing in the razor test. It even protects against exerting too much pressure. Either free razor blades are included or a case as a razor for travel.

Whether you use a butterfly razor or an adjustable razor is up to personal discretion. Excellent results deliver in comparison all razors.

Is a straight razor dangerous?

Inexperienced persons may suffer cuts.

Straight razor: the blades test

In a razor fit classic razor blades with the designation DE Blade or Double Edge Blade. This means that all two sides of the razor blade have a sharp edge. The shave is thus particularly thorough. Classic razor blades are inserted into the blade head. Stainless steel with cutting edges made of a layer of chrome ceramic, platinum and tungsten or platinum-finished razor blades are considered very sharp.
All razor blades for razors are reusable and cheaper than razor blades for an interchangeable head razor. Classic razor blades are individually packaged in thin paper. One set contains different number of blades per pack. Most often, the shipment is made by 100 blades.
Allergy sufferers should make sure that razor blades do not contain nickel. In the razor blade test, for example, is the Perma Sharp Super Double Edge, a razor blade that was long reserved for barbershops and barbers before the end consumer could buy it. It covers all skin and hair types, because a sharp cut is combined with an alloy with less carbon content: Sharp and gentle on the skin at the same time!

Which blades fit in a razor?

In our test, all razor blades with a width of 43 mm fit into a razor plane. Such razor blades are not suitable for other wet razors.