Shaving foam

Wet shaving is unthinkable without shaving foam, because shaving foam improves the gliding properties of the razor blade, so that the skin is less irritated during shaving. Shaving foam contains care substances that moisturize the skin, because every shave is like a small peeling on the face.

Shaving foam – an all-rounder

Shaving foam differs in shaving foam for normal skin, foam with cooling effect to prevent razor burn and shaving foam for sensitive skin. The ingredients of ready shaving foam from the can range from allantoin (moisturizes and smoothes), aloe vera (anti-inflammatory, moisturizing), panthenol (regenerating, softening irritation, moisturizing) to vitamin E (promotes cell division, regenerating against free radicals) and tocopherol acetate (cell protection, antioxidant, long-term protection in combination with vitamin E). In addition to these important ingredients, shaving foam contains stearic acid and petrolatum or lanolin and glycerin, so that the sprayed foam remains stable. Shaving foam from the can is immediately ready for use, requires only a short exposure time and rinses off well. Shaving foam for men and women is the optimal product for a quick, time-saving wet shave.

shaving foam
Wet shaving without shaving foam or gel can be very damaging to the skin. Thorough soaking of the skin before using shaving foam and a clean and sharp blade are guarantees for a thorough wet shave.

Shaving foam make yourself

Stands on Sunday the wet shave and has run out of shaving cream, you can whip shaving cream itself. For this you need a shaving brush, a bowl for whipping and ready shaving soap or shaving cream. With shaving cream succeeds the whipping in the shaving foam test easier. For shaving soap whip you need a little more practice. First warm the shaving bowl and the tips of the hairs of the shaving brush with warm water. Shake out the water from the brush and add two to three inches of shaving cream to the shaving bowl. If necessary, add a little more warm water to the shaving bowl. Now mix the shaving cream and the water for about two minutes with circular movements until fluffy shaving foam is formed. For shaving foam from shaving soap, place the shaving soap in the warmed shaving bowl. Drop a few drops of warm water onto the shaving soap. Moisten the shaving brush and rub it on the shaving soap with a little pressure. If the resulting shaving foam is too firm, add some more water. If you have neither shaving cream nor shaving soap at hand, you can make shaving cream yourself in the Thermomix. You will need:

  • 120g liquid soap base
  • 60 g Aloe Vera Gel
  • 60 g Water
  • 40 g Vegetable glycerin
  • 10 Drops tea tree oil
  • 10 Drops almond oil
  • 10 Drops of scented oil as desired

Put the ingredients in the blender jug of the Thermomix and blend everything for 30 seconds on speed 1.5. To make foam when removing for shaving, pour the liquid into a foam dispenser, which turns the liquid into foam at the touch of a button.

Shaving cream replacement – An alternative to shaving cream

Substitute for shaving cream can be found in the kitchen or bathroom. A blob of hair conditioner is just as suitable as olive oil or coconut oil. Liquid honey is also a good alternative for shaving cream. Honey also has an antibacterial effect and can soothe irritated skin.

Shaving foam or shaving gel?

Shaving gel is more slippery than shaving foam, because gel lays as a protective film over the skin. The exposure time is minimally longer than with shaving foam. But shaving gel comes completely without propellant gas.

Use shaving cream in the home

Shaving foam removes dirt, stains and incrustations from smooth surfaces, upholstery and clothing. Even red wine stains can be removed with shaving foam. If you want to use shaving foam for cleaning, you may resort to cheap shaving foam from the supermarket, because the care substances from the shaving foam are not needed in the removal of stains. Shaving foam contains potassium soap. The ingredient dissolves grease stains, makeup and red wine from posters and carpets. Let the foam soak for fifteen minutes before rubbing the spot with a dampened sponge. If necessary, the process can be repeated. The ingredients in shaving foam loosen stubborn encrustations, so cleaning the oven with shaving foam and cleaning the ceramic hob with shaving foam is easy after a short soaking time. The same works with burnt pots and pans. Cleaning windows with shaving cream, however, is not a good idea. But mirrors and fixtures in the bathroom benefit from the anti-fog effect of shaving cream. Water will bead up on fixtures in the future. Shaving foam counteracts limescale stains in the bathroom and throughout the household.

You can clean everything with shaving cream

  • Carpet and upholstery clean with shaving foam: Spray shaving foam on the stain, let it act slightly and then rub the spot with a damp cloth.
  • Suede shoes clean with shaving foam: Apply foam, let dry and brush off the dried shaving foam with a soft brush.
  • Clean fabric shoes with shaving foam: Apply foam and remove with a damp cloth after a short exposure time.
  • Clean car seats with shaving foam: Spray the seat or stain with shaving foam and then rub damp and let dry.
  • Clean car headliner with shaving foam: Spray stain and then brush out carefully with an upholstery brush.

What else is shaving foam good for

  • Eggs dye with shaving foam: Hard boil white eggs, spread shaving foam on a paper plate and paint colorful patterns in the foam with food coloring and a toothpick. Then carefully roll the eggs in the colorful shaving foam. Remove the eggs and dab off the excess foam and let the eggs dry overnight. The more colorful the shaving foam, the more colorful the colored eggs will be.
  • Shaving foam against calluses: Apply shaving foam on the calluses. Mix a towel with in a mixture of Listerin mouthwash and water in the ratio 1:1, wrap the feet in it for 30 minutes and then scrape away the callus.
  • Make slime with shaving cream and craft glue: Put half a can of shaving cream in a large bowl. Add a few drops of food coloring. Add about 60 ml of solvent-free craft glue to the mixture and stir the homemade slime with a spoon. Now add a bottle of contact lens solution while stirring until the right consistency is reached. The slime can be kneaded with hands that have been moistened beforehand. In a sealed can of homemade slime durable for a while. However, the slime shrinks with time.

Shaving foam for ladies

Women have different requirements for shaving foam. Shaving foam for men usually have a harsh scent, which usually does not suit women. Shaving foam for women usually smells flowery and is often sold in a pink or pink spray can. In products for women, manufacturers cater especially to the soft skin texture of ladies. Shaving foam for women can be found as a universal foam that can be used all over the body.

For intimate shaving ladies are suitable sensitive shaving foam or shaving oil, so that the skin is not irritated. Especially for the intimate area you should use for sensitive skin. Shaving balm, which counteracts the formation of shaving pustules, razor burn and other and skin irritation and provides a soft skin feeling, is also often used for shaving in the intimate area.

Shaving foam or gel?
Shaving foam can be used immediately compared to shaving gel, creates an airy light feeling on the skin and can be rinsed off more quickly. Better than shaving foam for the intimate region of women are suitable in the test, however, shaving soap or shaving gel, as they produce a more stable foam. Vegan shaving foam or shaving foam without perfume for the intimate region is also popular. Shaving the legs without shaving foam? As a shaving foam substitute are considered body lotions or conditioners, which also soften the hair.

Shave the legs without shaving cream?

As a substitute for shaving cream are considered body lotions or conditioners, which also soften the hair.

In the test: shaving foam

What brings the use of shaving foam in the test? The skin becomes soft, the pores open up and the hairs stand up so that they can be cut better with the wet razor, because the blade glides better. Shaving foam can work against pimples. If you have sensitive skin, use shaving cream for sensitive skin. This is in any case better than shaving without shaving foam, because skin irritation is avoided.

In its shaving foam test, Oekotest criticizes questionable fragrances that can accumulate in the body and also harm the environment. In most shaving foam test lists, the market suppliers Nivea and Gilette rank in front, with Gilette offering the best shaving foam for sensitive skin according to customer opinions. The best organic shaving foam comes from Logona, according to customer reviews. The slightly oily consistency lasts longer than comparable products and does not dry out the skin.