Wet Shave Man

A wet razor makes the annoying stubble the end. But which wet razor to buy? The range is huge. All the best wet razors have at least one blade and one handle in common. There are differences in the number of blades, the mobility of the razor head and the material. In addition, there are still the classic disposable razors for single use and the razor plane for whole guys.

What makes the best wet razor?

The features of the best wet razors are different. As a rule, they have a shaving head with two to six blades. Only the razor and the disposable razor get by with one blade, although there are disposable razors with several blades. Wet razors are also called system razors. Which wet razors are available?

  • Wet razors for men are available as disposable or with interchangeable heads. Both forms are available with several razor blades placed one after the other to remove even stubborn hair.
  • Good wet razors for women have the same equipment as wet razors for men. They differ only in color, the shape of the razor head and possibly in weight, because wet razors for men are up to 30 g heavier. The advantage: you have to exert less pressure when shaving. Narrower wet razors are also available for the bikini area.
  • Straight razors are suitable for both men and women. The razor blade is less protected than in a wet razor and can cause injury if handled inexpertly and improperly.
  • Electric wet razors are powered by a rechargeable battery or a battery. To remove the hair, the blades move in a circular and vibrating motion.

System razors with interchangeable blades are more durable than disposable razors and they save plastic waste because the handle of the wet razor can continue to be used. With chrome-plated handle razors are among the stylish wet razors, which impress with their appearance in the bathroom. Wet razors with a handle made of olive wood are beautiful to look at. For each wet razor you need accessories such as shaving foam, shaving soap, shaving gel or shaving oil, a bowl and a shaving brush to foam up the shaving soap in the soap dish. For beginners is also worth a shaving set of shaving bowl, razor and shaving brush, which are not only a visual highlight in the same look.

wet shave
In addition to a good wet razor, the preparation of the skin is also very important. Whether shaving soap or shaving foam, here the personal well-being plays the biggest role.

Shaving soap, shaving oil, shaving gel or shaving foam?

Pre-shave products prepare the skin and hair for shaving. Shaving foam, shaving soap and shaving oil remove the sebaceous layer of hair so that the beard hair swells before shaving. Only then are precise shaving results possible. Pre-shave products create a protective film on the skin, on which the razor blade glides better.

  • Shaving soap differs from hand soap by a higher proportion of potassium. Therefore, shaving soap dissolves faster in water when you want to whip shaving foam in the soap dish (mugs). In addition, you can find shaving soap with a wide variety of care substances and with moisturizers to soothe the skin.
  • Shaving foam from the can is ready for use immediately after shaking the can. Fine-pored foam is created by the use of surfactants. For lubricity, lanolin, petrolatum and especially in shaving foam for sensitive skin, other care substances are added to prevent skin irritation.
  • With shaving gel, the shaving foam develops only when applied to the skin, when the gel comes into contact with water. The transparent version is advantageous, where the beard contours remain visible.
  • Shaving cream is available in the tube. Shaving cream is, as the name suggests, particularly rich in fat and makes stubborn beard hair particularly smooth. Shaving with shaving cream is considered particularly gentle on the skin, because the razor blade glides more easily over the skin. Shaving cream contains many care substances in addition to a large proportion of stearic acid.

Which pre-shave product you ultimately choose, you have to try out, test and then use. Individual needs come strongly to the fore here. Shaving foam, shaving gel and shaving cream are immediately ready for use. Only shaving soap you must first whip in the shaving bowl.

Cut beard: Men

Whether you have a full beard or a three-day beard: You do not necessarily need a wet razor, but rather an electric beard trimmer. This is narrower in shape than a hair clipper, so that even hard-to-reach places and contours are trimmed. Unlike razors, beard trimmers do not have smooth blades, but the cutting edges are serrated. By swinging the serrations offset against each other, the beard hairs are shortened to the previously set length. Possible settings of good beard trimmers are between 3 mm and 20 mm. To trim the beard contours, the spacer of the beard trimmer is removable.

Is there a difference between beard trimmer and beard trimmer?
The beard trimmer works more extensive than the beard trimmer. It is not suitable for cutting fine contours.

Best wet razors for men: three, five or even more blades?

The test of Stiftung Warentest from 2020 has shown that the number of blades does not automatically lead to a better shaving result. Because the Gillette Skin Guard system razor with two blades performed better in the wet razor test than the system razors with five or six blades. Fewer blades are also better for sensitive skin, because the skin is less irritated. A protective guard can also reduce contact with the skin. Models from Gillette took the first four places in the wet razor test. Also because the blades of system razors are sharper than the blades of disposable razors, which irritate the skin unnecessarily. System razors can also be equipped with a moisturizing strip with skin-caring properties such as aloe vera or jojoba oil. The release of the caring substances is activated by moisture. A coloring indicates when the depot is used up and the razor head should be changed. Advantageous are wet razors with movable heads, which due to their flexibility perfectly adapt to prominent cheekbones, the larynx and, when shaving body hair, the armpits, knees and ankles and also remove fine hairs. Vibration function, which improves blood flow to the skin, is not absolutely necessary.

wet razor with multiple blades
Wet razors come with one, two, three or even five blades. More blades are not necessarily better. Already with two blades, the shave can end with satisfactory results. Single-blade razors are more suitable for pre-shaving longer hair, because here the blades are not so clogged by the long hair. In a second shave should then use a multi-blade razor.

Wet razor: how often change blades?

After every seventh to tenth shave, the razor blades should be changed, because they lose sharpness with each shave. With sensitive and irritated skin and thick beard hair, the change of blades should be even more often, because even the best wet razor does a lot of damage with dull blades. The change of the razor blades can go with a system razor with replaceable razor head in the money. That’s why more and more men are choosing to use a single blade razor. The purchase price for razor blades is a few cents.

wet razor when to change
A wet razor should never look like this. The blades are clogged with old foam and hair. It’s long past time to replace the blade here.

How does the razor blade stay sharp longer?
Rinse the wet razor more often during shaving and also afterwards with hot water. Impurities from shaving foam and hair are thus removed most thoroughly. Let your best wet razor dry with the razor head up. If you have sensitive skin, it may be worth disinfecting the blades each time before use.

Buying the best wet razor

Are you looking for the best wet razor for the head for a bald head? For this it is not important how many blades the wet razor has, but the design. It is recommended to use razors or classic razors from Gillette, which adapt to the contours of the head. Shave the hair of the head against the grain, so that individual hairs can be captured more easily. An alternative for the head is an electric razor or a combined wet and dry razor with a waterproof housing and rotating shaving heads, such as those from Philips, which adapts to the contours. Electric foil shavers from Panasonic or Braun are less suitable for the head, because foil shavers must be guided as straight as possible over the beard hairs.

Looking for the best wet razor for sensitive skin?

The manufacturer Gillette has developed the Skin Guard for sensitive skin. The wet razor for sensitive skin is equipped with a movable blade head with two razor blades and a contour blade. Shaving foam and shaving gel develop their best glide potential after two minutes of exposure. Therefore, be sure to leave the products on if you have sensitive skin. With sensitive skin, dry shaving can also be advantageous. The razor blade does not come into contact with the skin at all. Always shave the hair with sensitive skin with the stroke and lather several times for a close shave. Do not use shaving gels and care products containing alcohol on sensitive skin. They additionally dry out the skin.

What is the best wet razor for women?

In the wet razor test for women, a wet razor with three blades came out on top. Also because the rounded head of the wet razor adapts to the female anatomy. It is also possible that ladies buy a men’s wet razor to save money. After all, there are no major differences. In the wet razor ladies test, wet razors with interchangeable blades are ahead. These include the Venus Comfortglide Spa Breeze and the Venus Swirl Extra Smooth. The shave is gentle on the skin and the blade change is easy. For shaving the legs, the Wilkinson Sword Hydra Silk and the Solimo women’s razor were the favorites in the Stiftung Warentest test.

ladies razor with three blades
Ladies razor with handle made of wood. This razor has three blades and a movable shaving head. With it you can expect very good shaving results.