How to use shaving oil correctly

Besides shaving foam, shaving gel and shaving soap, shaving oil is another product to prepare the hair for shaving. But why use shaving oil? What are the advantages of shaving oil, which has experienced an upswing for a few years, compared to the other products for wet shaving?

Properties shaving oil

Especially if shaving foam or shaving gel cause irritation to the skin, shaving oil can be an alternative. The oil creates a film on the skin, which allows the razor blade to glide better over the skin. Especially for sensitive skin, the oil is the first choice because of the improved gliding function. Like shaving foam and shaving gel, shaving oil also softens the beard hairs so that they can be cut better during wet shaving. For dry skin and sensitive shaving areas, shaving oil contains refatting ingredients that make shaving particularly gentle.

Shaving oil can soften the skin to make the hair stand up better. It has a soothing effect and razor burn. Refrain from using essential oils and perfumes when shaving in sensitive areas. These could irritate the skin. For oily skin, choose rather a fast-absorbing oil. For shaving the beard, you can choose products with a refreshing effect. The advantage of shaving oil: it does not require parabens, silicones, alcohol or mineral oil as ingredients. All skin-protecting properties are already contained in the oils. Especially allergy sufferers benefit from this, who are allergic to chemical ingredients or perfumes. Shaving oils completely without additives offer manufacturers such as Sommersets or Fair Squared.

One disadvantage of shaving oil is that it is more expensive than shaving cream. It does not produce foam, so the application takes some getting used to.

shaving oil
Shaving with shaving oil is becoming more and more fashionable. But it is more than just a fad. Just the skin-protecting properties of oil makes shaving with shaving oil quite interesting.

Shaving oil: So economical!

To shave with shaving oil is enough a few drops of the product. A bottle with 12 ml shaving oil is enough for about 80 shaves. Shaving oil in the pump dispenser is particularly economical because the five to eight drops are dosed more precisely. The slightly more expensive price is therefore amortized in a short time. Shaving oil in a small bottle is well suited to be taken along on trips.

Shaving oil: The ingredients

As the name suggests, shaving oil consists of various oils. Possible ingredients are:

  • Argan oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Almond oil
  • Aloe Vera Oil
  • Castor oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Baobab Oil
  • Orange oil

Baobab oil is particularly suitable for dry skin. For oily skin, argan oil is an alternative, because it is quickly absorbed and the skin does not shine after shaving. Safflower oil or hemp oil also have a mattifying effect. Tea tree oil is not greasy and is suitable for shaving the intimate area. Aloe vera oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and orange oil can prevent skin irritation.

Is beard oil suitable for shaving?

Shaving oil for men has skin nourishing properties and beard oil is designed solely for the care of the beard hair. No, you should not use beard oil for shaving in any case. You can use beard oil after shaving and in between.

What shaving oil for the intimate area?

In addition to the skin-caring properties, shaving oil for the intimate area has additional anti-inflammatory properties. The skin in the intimate area is particularly thin and sensitive, so irritation can occur more easily. Manufacturers indicate on the label if the shaving oil is suitable for the intimate area. Many women use shaving oil for the intimate area. As a tip, the anti-inflammatory ingredient rosehip oil is traded here. Apricot oil ensures that small cuts heal faster.

Shave with baby oil?
A special shaving oil for the intimate area is baby oil. It is particularly mild and irritates the skin the least.

Shaving oil: Optimal application

First, clean the appropriate areas of the skin with warm water to open the pores. Then put the shaving oil on your palms and gently massage the oil. Unlike shaving cream or shaving soap, no foam is created. Give the oil some time to soak the skin and stubble before shaving. It has proven useful when using shaving oil to rinse the razor, wet razor or razor repeatedly under warm water so that the shaving oil is removed from the blade. Experience has shown that when shaving with shaving oil on the razor plane, less hair sticks to the razor blade than on the wet razor. The transparent oil facilitates the trimming of contour beards in contrast to skin concealing shaving foam.

After shaving, soothe the skin with a few drops of odorless shaving oil before applying your usual aftershave. But shaving oil for men can also completely replace the aftershave and a moisturizer. Refresh your skin with fragrant shaving oil for more well-being in between!

What razor to use with shaving oil?

Any wet razor is suitable for shaving with shaving oil. If the blade becomes dull, clean it with hot water under the shave.

Shaving oil make yourself

To make shaving oil, you need several different oils, depending on the skin condition. Fill them into a glass bottle and shake the bottle. Then the shaving oil is ready.

Which oils are suitable for homemade shaving oil?
If you want to make shaving oil yourself, take 3 tbsp sunflower oil, 1 tsp aloe vera gel, 5 drops of vitamin E and 1 tsp vegetable glycerin. For irritated skin, mix a shaving oil of 10 ml avocado; 5 ml jojoba, 10 ml hemp, 15 ml castor and three pots of orange oil.

DIY shaving oil is created from 80 ml of soybean oil, 10 g each of rapeseed oil, aloe vera gel and glycerin. Add one more tsp of vitamin E. Adding glycerin will not dry out the skin. Vitamin E prevents the homemade shaving oil from going rancid quickly. The other ingredients ensure that the shaving oil spreads well on the skin.

Shaving oil: The test

In the trade, shaving oil is available in the range of natural cosmetics, organic quality, oil without perfume and sensitive shaving oil for sensitive skin. There is no shaving oil test of Stiftung Warentest yet.

The best shaving oil always depends on the needs of the skin. What is best for one man, another man can not tolerate. Therefore, you must go by the reviews of users or do a shaving oil test yourself. Often decisive is the scent of the oil. Many men, but also women, prefer shaving oil that smells subtle. These shaving oils are very popular.