Do I need a shaving bowl?

If you shave wet and use shaving soap, you can’t do without a shaving bowl. Shaving bowls in the shape of a cup, also called a mug, hold the shaving soap. According to ancient tradition, the shaving foam is then whipped evenly in the shaving bowl.

More stylish than wet shaving with foam from a can, you shave with a beautiful shaving bowl made of ceramic, porcelain or wood. Even whipped shaving foam from the shaving bowl is creamier than shaving foam from a can. Its consistency is more durable. This allows the beard hair to soak longer and is thus optimally prepared for shaving. The razor does not wear out too quickly with softer beard hair and redness and razor burn are reduced.

Shaving bowl: what to use for?

  • Whip up shaving foam from shaving soap
  • Whip up shaving cream foam
  • Lay down shaving brush
  • Cleaning shaving brush
Antique shaving bowl
Antique shaving bowl is a real eye-catcher in the bathroom. Besides the practical use, men like to decorate their bathroom with a shaving bowl. Women usually store a shaving bowl in the bathroom cabinet, so the appearance of the shaving bowl is usually less important for the ladies.

Last but not least, the shaving bowl enhances the whole equipment for shaving. The most durable is a shaving bowl made of stainless steel or a shaving bowl made of stone. Of course, the latter is only conditionally suitable for a trip. However, antique shaving bowls made of ceramic or wood are more beautiful and a real eye-catcher. You can choose the shaving bowl to match the shaving equipment or bathroom. If you want to store the shaving soap in the shaving bowl or go on trips, you should buy a shaving bowl with a lid. A high rim guarantees a large capacity. Because of the constant moisture, mold-resistant material is advantageous.

  • Ceramic shaving bowl: Classic material for a best shaving mug and a timeless eye-catcher: Handmade as a mug white or colored, often with grooves on the bottom where moisture can collect or with writing.
  • Shaving bowl porcelain: Round or oval, as shaving bowl antique with rim or depression in the middle, with troughs on the handle side for safe holding and practical holder for the wet or dry shaving brush.
  • Shaving bowl wood: Made of mango, bamboo or olive wood with beautiful grain. Often with stand, with or without lid, with smooth bottom, unbreakable but high maintenance.
  • Shaving bowl stainless steel: Very durable and unbreakable, timeless design, modern look. Can be completely immersed in water if necessary, is also suitable to clean the shaving brush from soap residues.
  • Shaving bowl stone: from natural granite, heavy weight.
  • Clay shaving bowl: Made of natural colored Polish pottery Naumburg or salt firing clay with raised rim (fingers stay clean when whipping shaving cream), made of bath ceramics, fired in the kiln similar to a ceramic shaving bowl.

What to look for when buying shaving mug?

Best shaving bowls are usually round shaving bowls, because the round shape facilitates the whipping of the shaving foam. In the trade you can find shaving bowls with lids and shaving bowls without lids. Whether with or without a lid is a matter of opinion. Rather, when buying a shaving bowl, it depends on the size. If the shaving bowl is too small, the shaving foam cannot be whipped up properly and, in the worst case, swells out of the shaving bowl. A diameter of 8 to 12 centimeters has proven to be optimal in the shaving bowl test. In addition, the height of the bowl plays a role. In the test, the shaving foam from shaving soap was best whipped at a height of 3.5 to 8 cm.

Whip shaving cream foam in shaving bowl

Warm the shaving bowl a little first by holding the shaving bowl under warm water. Also moisten the hairs of the shaving brush and shake out the excess water from the shaving brush again. Put 2 to 3 inches of shaving cream in the shaving bowl and add some warm water, but not too much. Stir the two components together in a circular motion. A fluffy shaving foam is formed. If the shaving foam is too thin, add some more shaving cream.

Whip shaving foam from shaving soap into the shaving bowl

Moisten the shaving brush in warm water. Put the whole shaving soap, only a piece of the shaving soap or a few scraped shavings from the shaving soap in the shaving bowl. Add a few drops of hot water. Now begin to guide the shaving brush with circular movements and a little pressure over the shaving soap. Shaving foam is created. If the resulting foam is too solid, add a little more water. If the foam is too liquid, add some more shaving soap. Whip the shaving foam lightly from the wrist. Sometimes it takes several attempts until the perfect shaving foam succeeds.

Cleaning shaving bowl

Shaving bowls are easy to clean. Rinse the shaving foam residues with water and dry the bowl or let the shaving bowl air dry.

Good shaving bowl for women

Women like to choose a shaving bowl made of white porcelain or ceramic for wet shaving of body hair. Unlike men, women do not present their shaving bowl for shaving soap for all to see, but usually put it in the bathroom cabinet. Also a round stainless steel shaving bowl with lid or a shaving soap without fragrance or for sensitive skin in the metal can with lid are as shaving bowl women in favor. Then no extra shaving bowl is needed, because the sensitive shaving soap can be lathered directly in the can.