Shaving razor for women

The use of a razor plane is considered by men next to the razor to the supreme discipline in shaving. But also more and more women reach for a razor plane. Is but the delicate female skin much less protected from injury than with a Ladyshaver, a wet razor or an electric razor. Why is that so?

You will not believe it, but there are special razor planes for women, with which you not only better results when shaving but also skin impurities and redness occur less. Also, more and more women shave the vulnerable intimate area of women with a plane. How can this be?

razor plane fo women
Shaving with a straight razor is becoming more and more fashionable not only among men, but also women are turning to the single-blade razor with a replaceable blade. There is no plastic waste when replacing the razor blade.

Razor plane: open or closed comb?

Razor planes differ in the comb. Thus, there are planes with open comb and with closed comb. These are the differences:

Ladies razor plane with closed comb

The razor with closed comb protects the woman, especially in the intimate area, better from injury. The term comb is rather misleading. This refers to a bow that lies in front of the razor blade. Due to the smaller distance between the blade and the bow, the razor plane is suitable for sensitive skin. The shave is gentle and the risk of injury is low.

Ladies razor plane with open comb

The risk of injury is greater with an open comb razor. It is not suitable for beginners. The razor blade rests on the curved comb. The plane with open comb shaves more thoroughly and separated hairs and shaving foam can not clog the comb due to the larger blade gap.

razor plane with open and closed comb detail
On the left a razor with closed comb, on the right with open comb. The difference lies in the distance between the razor blade and comb. If the distance is greater, the shave is more thorough. But also the risk of injury increases.

Straight razor for women: Less plastic waste

Apart from the thicker hairs of intimate hair, women usually do better with a razor with a closed comb. With this, the blade is less exposed than with an open comb razor and the risk of injury is lower. Untrained, not only women, should therefore prefer a razor with closed comb as a beginner. Although the shave may not be as sustainable as with an open comb razor, where the blade glides directly along the skin, but the skin is still protected. Compared to a system razor, a plane has namely only one blade. The head of the razor plane is rigid, unlike the system razor. Whether you prefer to choose a plane with butterfly closure to open or a razor plane with screw closure to turn when changing blades, is a matter of taste. For a better grip, the handle is usually ribbed.
A razor plane is mostly plastic-free. Many parts are made of metal and can be constantly recycled. The only waste is the blade made of metal.

More sustainable shave

If women want a sustainable razor, they should go for a razor with a handle made of wood. The plane itself is made of durable metal. With a wooden handle and due to the replaceable razor blades, it can be used for several years. However, most razors are made entirely of metal. For women, manufacturers go for neutral colors like silver or stainless steel, but also like pink, pink or purple. Often, the material in a sustainable razor is recycled or, like bamboo, belongs to the rapidly renewable raw materials.
A special size has a razor for ladies not. This is because the blades for razors are generally standardized. A razor blade costs only a few cents. Thus, a razor plane in use is still cheaper than a wet razor with several blades, where the entire razor head must be replaced. However, the one-time purchase price is higher.

ladies razor sustainable
Women’s razors are mostly offered in special colors for women. Also sustainable razors with less plastic are on offer. Shown here is a ladies razor with a handle made of bamboo wood.

These are the advantages of a razor for ladies

The razor plane has only one blade. This means that the skin is less stressed. Due to the higher dead weight of the razor plane, less pressure must be applied. This also protects the skin and thus ensures less razor burn, ingrown hairs and pimples. Completely without plastic and with a long period of use, a razor plane is considered sustainable. The razor plane is suitable for all areas in a woman to be depilated: Arms, armpits, legs and for the intimate area.

These disadvantages has a razor for women

Shaving with a straight razor is not something to do quickly. The shave should be done slowly and attentively, so you do not cut yourself. The razor has no movable head. Therefore, special care should be taken on knees, ankles and elbows.

Shaving with a razor plane

Application especially for women

As always, the hair is soaked in advance with warm water. The pores open and the hairs stand up. Then apply shaving foam from shaving soap, shaving gel or shaving cream so that the razor blade glides more easily over the skin. Now set the razor at an angle of about 30 degrees. Tighten the area to be shaved with the other hand and guide the razor with light pressure over the skin. After shaving, wash off the soap residue and close the pores with cold water. Apply a moisturizer for care.

Women shaving intimate area

Are there any experiences of women shaving with a straight razor? Yes, very many. Even though it takes some effort to shave the female pubic area with a razor, more and more women are turning to it.
Because also in the intimate area of a woman are different shaves possible with the razor. These include shaving the edges of the pubic hair (bikini cut), pubic hair and outer labia (Brazilian cut) and complete depilation (Hollywood cut). One thing in advance: Practice shaving with a razor plane first in other places before you dare to the intimate area with the razor plane as a woman.
Soak the skin with warm water before shaving so that the hairs stand up. This can be done in the shower or bath, or you can use a warm wet towel. Then apply shaving cream or shaving oil. Transparent shaving oil has the advantage that you can closely inspect the area to be shaved. Tighten the skin and shave the intimate area in the direction of growth without pressure. It is recommended to clean the blade from shaving foam and hair after each stroke. If the intimate area has not become smooth, you can reapply shaving soap and shave again against the grain. Afterwards, clean the skin first under warm water and then with cold water, so that the pores contract again and apply a care product to soothe the skin after shaving the intimate area.

razor plane with open and closed comb Facing
Razor razors are available for men but also specifically for women. However, the focus when buying should be solely in the distinction between open and closed comb.

Straight razor test for women – size matters

Women’s and men’s razors differ, if at all, in color schemes ranging from shiny silver or matte and black to rose gold, emerald green or red. The head of the razor plane is usually made of stainless steel. The handle can be brass, metal, wood or precious resin. Very cheap razors have a handle made of plastic. For allergy sufferers nickel-free razors are available.
For both sexes there are razors with open comb and closed comb. However, there are differences in the test in the weight and handle length. This is between 9.5 cm and 11 cm. A long handle can simplify shaving because hard-to-reach places are easier to reach with a long handle. The weight also plays a role, because a heavy razor glides in the test easier over the skin than a less heavy razor. The weight of the wet razor is between 50 g and 95 g.

Who makes razors?
All classic manufacturers of razors for wet shaving also have razors in their range. Especially online, the range of razors is greater than on site.

Is there a razor women review?
The Classic Vintage razor from Wilkinson received the most ratings in the razor comparison. It is followed by the King C from Gillette and the Merkur 23 C before the Störtebekker Premium, the Merkur 34 C and the classic razor from Mühle.

Straight razor for women: The conclusion

With a little practice, the application is just as easy as with any other wet razor. However, many women prefer a razor in the intimate area, because the shave is more thorough and the rapid regrowth of annoying stubble is avoided.