How long will my safety razor blade last?

You’ve just purchased a new safety razor, and now you’re probably wondering: how long will the blade last? It’s a fair question, but not so easy to answer, since the timing of blade replacement depends on several factors

For a safety razor, classic razor blades are used whose characteristic is a double-edged sharpness. This means that you can use each side both from the front and from the back, which is extremely convenient. First of all, how long a blade can be used depends on the nature of your beard hairs. Are they thin or thick? Long or short? Should you have very dense facial hair, the blade will definitely wear out faster than if the whiskers are relatively thin.

How long will my safety razor blade last?
Honestly, do you clean your razor blade regularly? If the razor blade is not cleaned after every shave, the blade will quickly become dull. Proper care of the face and the blade is very important.

Proper technique and shaving preparation

Equally essential is the technique used or preparation for shaving. For example, if your beard hairs are already soft from showering, they will be easier to shave. If you also tighten your skin with one hand and hold your razor at 30 degrees, you will get a good result very quickly. Otherwise, you will need several shaving strokes for one spot and the blade will wear out much faster as a result.

Proper razor blade care is important

To be honest, do you clean your razor blade regularly? To properly clean your blade, rinse it with hot water and then air dry it. Regular maintenance can also extend the life of your blade and reduce the need to replace it.

Tip: Never use a toothbrush or other tool to remove the skin particles and small hairs that collect in a blade, as this will only cause unnecessary scratches to the blade.

Sharpen blades

It is equally beneficial to sharpen razor blades at regular intervals. To do this, pull your blade against the direction of shaving about 20 times over a leather strap specially designed for this purpose or have it sharpened by a barber.

Quality is a deciding factor

As with many other products, the quality of razor blades is quite decisive for their duration of use. Therefore, when buying razor blades, pay particular attention to the degree of hardness or their sharpness, as high-quality blades have a much longer life than cheap ones.

Dull blade – time to change

Should you notice that the result of your shave is not too smooth anymore or the skin burns easily after shaving, it is time to change the blade. Depending on the factors described earlier, this may be the case after about eight to twelve shaves.

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