How long does a wet shave take?

How much time do I need for a wet shave? This is a question that many men probably ask themselves. Basically, every man takes different amounts of time for it, but in general you should allow between 15 and 20 minutes, and on weekends you should be happy to allow 35 minutes.

According to a study, more than half of men in Germany prefer a wet shave, so we would like to explain the individual steps in more detail below and show you how much time is needed.

How long does a wet shave take?
Ready for some real shaving? You should take appropriate time for wet shaving. A perpetual ritual is important.

The proper preparation of wet shaving

Proper preparation for a wet shave is half the battle, as it can protect against unwanted side effects such as razor burn or skin irritation. Therefore, it is important to first clean the beard and skin with a wash gel and warm water. Then place a damp warm cloth on your beard for about two minutes, as the soaking, as this process is also called, the beard hairs can be better clipped. Now it’s the turn of the shaving foam, which is applied to the beard about the thickness of a finger and should be left on for about three minutes. For the entire preparation you need therefore in total about eight minutes.

Ready for proper shaving?

Ready? Then you can now take the razor in your hand and let it glide over the skin. Is it better to shave against the direction of hair growth or with the stroke? It will be more precise if you shave against the grain, but this will also put more strain on the skin. If your skin is quickly irritated, a shave with the stroke is therefore preferable. Shave your cheeks first and then your neck or chin. Erst ganz zum Schluss kommt der Bereich um den Mund an die Reihe. Hier ist die Haut sehr dünn und die Stellen können oftmals relativ schwer erreicht werden. Daher ist es besser, den Rasierschaum hier auch länger einwirken zu lassen. Pull the skin during shaving with your other hand against the direction of growth a little taut, as the beard hairs thereby better set up and the shave is more accurate. For shaving you should plan about ten minutes to achieve the smoothest possible result.

Tip: Do not forget to clean the blades from stubble and foam after a few strokes with water and do not run the razor too often over the same area of skin to avoid irritation.

The aftercare after wet shaving

Are you satisfied with your results? Then it goes now still to the correct aftercare and care. To do this, remove the remaining shaving foam with water and then dry your face with a towel. Now apply an after shave to the shaved skin to disinfect the skin and prevent inflammation. If your skin reacts quickly irritated, an after shave that does not contain alcohol is recommended. Then, treat your face to some moisture as well by applying a face cream that will nourish the skin after shaving. This final step of wet shaving is relatively quick to accomplish and won’t take more than about two minutes, but you’ll definitely appreciate the comforting feeling your skin will have after shaving.

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